A new medical industry is emerging in India

Doctors in the United States are required to use computers during patient visits. This takes them away from patient care. In this new process, Google technology enables a second person to experience what the doctor sees and hears in another country and become the doctor’s real-time assistant. 

What is Scribing

Scribes act as personal assistants to physicians and help them to deliver the best patient care possible.

Doctors wear 

Google Glass

Scribes observe 

and participate

Patients get 

better care

Industry growth with Augmedix

Augmedix has built a world class technology platform to enable a new healthcare process. The medical scribe industry has evolved from medical transcription and is poised for rapid growth. We have already hired hundreds of scribes and we are planning on hiring thousands more. The opportunity for growth in this new industry is very high!

Augmedix has strategically partnered with several of the largest and most successful healthcare systems in the United States.

Life as a scribe

Scribes are part of the medical care team. You work directly with the doctor on a fixed schedule. 

Fixed salary
5 day work week
Work the doctor's schedule

Medical transcription vs medical scribing

Medical transcription

Transcriptionists convert audio recordings into text format. These tasks are incentivized by high volume and high text accuracy. 

Medical scribing

Scribes are part of the clinician's care team. They are in constant contact with the clinician and can see and hear everything that the clinician experiences over the course of a day. Scribes are integral in capturing the narrative of every patient visit.  

“I cannot imagine my career without Augmedix.

It slashes my work in half.”

Hany Fouad, MD 
Family Medicine - Camarillo, CA

“Augmedix really allows me to spend more time with my patients. I love it.”

Heather Dountas, PA
Physicians Assistant - Albuquerque, NM

“With Augmedix, I am able to spend more time with my family.”

Tyler Smith, MD
Surgeon - Roseville, CA

Training and career growth

Scribes receive thorough training and continue to learn as they work with doctors. Career growth is available as you train other scribes and manage teams.

English writing

English writing training will ensure that you can understand, communicate, and document any conversation between a patient and their physician.

Medical reasoning

Medical knowledge training will give you the skills and information you need to navigate the American healthcare system and provide accurate documentation.


Additionally, medical scribes are trained to have a typing speed of 60 wpm and to be able to easily navigate electronic health record software.

Training process

Basic training

Scribe training

On the job training



Scribes undergo extensive training which includes English language, computer skills, professional communication, medical knowledge, and much more. With such skills, you will be able to work alongside a medical doctor every day and assist them in completing their medical charts. A career as a medical scribe is a rewarding and longterm commitment that will provide a unique learning experience.

Career growth

As Augmedix and the industry grow, we need more scribes and more people to grow into leadership positions. There is great opportunity for growth for those who prove to be highly capable and dedicated. Scribes are often promoted to senior scribes, trainers, and even managers!

Augmedix has scribe operations all across India


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